What's the exact process?

Todify is a platform that offers a print-on-demand service. How so? By providing products for printing, printing itself, packaging, and shipping to your customer under your brand.

Simply Todify allows you to resell any product at the price you desire.



Simply put, this is how TODIFY works:

1. Sign up for your account, completely free with no subscription required.

2. Select the products you want to showcase on your Store or social media.

3. Upload your unique designs to personalize your offerings.

4.  Launch your products for sale. You can integrate an online shop and our platform with (WooCommerce , Shopify and Dropify).

5. When you get an order from a customer, confirm the order with your customer, and place the order on Todify platform, and we handle the rest.

That's it – no further action required on your end. It's that simple.

The information you need to know


1. Your Role as a Seller on Todify:

Your job as a seller on Todify is to promote your designs on Store or Social Media.
Once you get an order from a customer, confirm the order with your customer, and place the order on Todify platform, and we handle the rest.

2. Setting Sale Price and Your Profit:

The price we sell only includes product, printing and packaging costs.
For example, let's say a t-shirt costs 80 DH. You want to make a profit of 40 DH and shipping to Casablanca costs 20 DH :
80 DH + 40 DH+ 20 DH = 140 DH. So, your sale price is 140 DH and your net profit is 40 DH.

3. Why do we have to pay in advance as a seller?

Because these products are customized on demand and are produced upon order. We need to pay the production costs in advance.

4. How do we calculate and send your money?

First, you pay us the cost of the order along with the shipping fees in advance.

For example, let's say you paid 100 DH for a T-shirt priced at 80 DH with a shipping fee of 20 DH to Casablanca, i.e., 80 + 20 = 100 DH. And you sold the T-shirt to your customer for 140 DH, i.e., 80 DH for the T-shirt + 40 DH your profit + 20 DH for shipping = 140 DH. From this example, Todify will take 140 DH from your customer and will add 140 DH to your balance so you can withdraw it or reuse it again.

5. Do we take a commission or a percentage of the profits?

We do not take any commission or percentage of your profits. We only charge the cost of the order. Product price + shipping fees = order cost. The product price consists of two parts: the product price and the cost of printing and packaging. Therefore, the product price may change according to the number of prints added to it on both the front and back sides.


6. Shipping:

Shipping is not free. Please visit this page to find out the shipping cost.

7. How We Send Your Money:

After your order is produced and shipped to your customer, and successfully delivered. If you agree with your customer to pay on delivery, we take the full amount and add it to your balance in Todify until you withdraw it or use it again.

8. Returning Orders:

Important!! You need to fill in some necessary information, including packaging details. You have two options: use your address or choose Todify's address. Based on your choice, the returned order will be sent to the address you provided. (If your customer can't receive the order, and you want Todify to handle the return and resend it to another customer, choose Todify's address.) If you choose Todify's address, don't worry, there will be nothing about Todify like name or logo...

WHY US? Because we are the top of print-on-demand services in Morocco:

1. There is only one brand that appears everywhere (on delivery notes, parcels, stickers, etc), and that brand is yours.

2. The best thing is that TODIFY brand (logo, social media, etc.) does not appear anywhere. 

3. The second-best thing is that all processes are automated.

4. Once you make an order, we will automatically send it to our production facilities for printing and shipping to your customer.


Create your Todify account right now, it's free.

Last updated on 14/06/2024