We encourage creativity and personality on the premise of originality and respect for the law. Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the content in the print files you upload. Any print files pertaining to the following content violations may be reviewed or removed permanently.

  1. Intellectual property infringement

Intellectual property infringement mainly consists of trademark/patent/copyright infringement and violation of publicity rights. The content you submit to Todify must be original and comply with intellectual property law.

  1. Illegal content

Content containing images or depictions of child abuse, child pornography, or any form of obscenity is not tolerated; content that promotes crime, violence, terrorism, or other harmful activities is also prohibited.

  1. Hateful content

We do not allow any content expressing hatred towards or threatening other people based on their race, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or serious disease.

  1. Infringement of privacy

You may not submit any content that contains another person’s sensitive personal information, including but not limited to their name, picture, confidential scripts, or depiction of their private affairs, unless you have their consent.

Last updated on 12/10/2023